ERAIFT  professor Theodore Trefon has just  published a book about  integrated management of DRC’s natural resource management.

Congo’s Environmental Paradox: Potential and Predation in a Land of Plenty, ZED Books: London.

Congo matters. It is land of plenty with the natural resources the world needs. No other country in

Africa, and few countries worldwide, has such an impressive concentration and diversity of natural

wealth. Congo has over 1,100 mineral substances and is home to the world’s second largest tropical

rainforest. Endowed with abundant arable land, its farmers could feed a billion people. More than

half of Africa’s water is located in this troubled nation, whose hydroelectric capacity could light up


the  entire  continent.  And  Congo  has  oil  too.  But  after  a  decade  of  robust  growth  driven  by  the extractive sectors, there is little evidence of social development.

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