Task force rural Africa


The EU is committed to support partner countries through external policies and instruments. Emphasised in the Communication on the future of food and farming in November 2017, the future common agricultural policy will play a greater role in enhancing policy coherence for sustainable development. In the spirit of the ‘Africa-Europe alliance for sustainable investment and jobs’ called for by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in September 2018, knowledge transfer, sharing of good practices, and reinforcing strategic policy cooperation and dialogue between the EU and the African Union (AU), should contribute to African job creation and to the development of its agricultural sector and rural areas.


In this context, the Task force rural Africa (TFRA) was created in 2018 to advise the European Commission on how best to contribute to sustainable development and job creation in Africa’s agri-food sector and rural economy. The TFRA contained 11 members appointed in a personal capacity, with expertise and experience in agriculture, agri-business or agroindustry, trade, development policy or migration related issues and first-hand knowledge of the agri-food sector in Africa.

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