ERAIFT participates in the eighth session of the Green Days of Ibi village in the Batéké plateau (Kinshasa, DR Congo): 08-10/07/2022

At the request of Ibi village, ERAIFT participated in the eighth session of the Ibi village Green Days at the Plateau des Batékés, from July 08 to 10, 2022. The overall objective of this activity is to promote the sustainable management of ecosystems in the DRC by demonstrating a practical model, the "carbon sink of Ibi Batéké", in the context of climate change mitigation. Operationally, this action aims to raise awareness among stakeholders, namely policy makers, development partners, the private sector, civil society and local populations on the issues of tree planting to support sustainable agricultural production in harmony with the environment, and at the same time, fight against the adverse effects of climate change. The theme chosen for this session is: "Ibi fait respirer la ville de Kinshasa". (Ibi allows the city of Kinshasa to breathe).

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Campus UNIKIN - BP 15373 - Kinshasa - Commune de Lemba - RD Congo


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