Professor Frédéric FRANCIS, Dean of the Faculty of Gembloux Agro Bio Tech (GxABT), University of Liège (Uliège), visits Ibi Village on Saturday September 24, 2022

Following his visit to the Yangambi Biosphere Reserve, where he visited the INERA Research Centre (formerly INEAC) and the Institut Facultaire des Sciences Agronomiques de Yangambi (IFA), Professor Frédéric FRANCIS, Dean of GxABT, visited the Ibi village site, where the DRC's first carbon sink is located in the savannahs of the Bakéke Plateau, some 120 km from downtown Kinshasa. He has been accompanied by the Academic and Research Secretary of ERAIFT, Professor Jean-Pierre MATE, former Dean of the Faculty of Management of Renewable Natural Resources (FGRNR) of the University of Kisangani (UNIKIS).

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