Internship of Mr Julien BWAZANI BALANDI at VisioTerra for the reinforcement of his Geographic Information System (GIS) capacities Paris : 06-19/12/2022

The VisioTerra society ([1], one of ERAIFT's partners, specialised in scientific advice for earth observation, received Mr. Julien BWAZANI BALANDI, research assistant and doctoral student at ERAIFT, from December 6 to 19, 2022, for an internship in Geographic Information Systems. Two objectives were pursued during this internship: (1) consolidation of the geospatial referential of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC); (2) production of a user manual for the VtWeb platform for data processing.


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Campus UNIKIN - BP 15373 - Kinshasa - Commune de Lemba - RD Congo


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