The Director of Fundraising is responsible for raising funds for the Regional Post-Graduate Training School on Integrated Management of Tropical Forests and Lands (ERAIFT) and reports directly to the Director of ERAIFT.

The Director of Fundraising contributes to the national, regional and international influence of the School and to its development by demonstrating vision and leadership in anticipating and addressing environmental and social issues in Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly those related to the basic needs of local rural, urban and peri-urban populations, poverty alleviation, challenges of climate change, desertification, sustainable management of tropical forests, etc. 

This position requires open-mindedness, but also rigor, the ability to listen and negotiate, initiative and creativity, the ability to mobilize teams for the design and drafting of projects, and the ability to support the Director in his efforts to bring a team together around a joint project. He/she should have a strong ability to communicate effectively and persuasively (orally and in writing) in real time, and to enforce the line of authority. He/she should possess organizational skills, including the ability to set plans and priorities and implement them effectively. Working under pressure and as part of a team, in a multicultural environment, reporting and sharing information and experiences should be part of his/her skills.

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