The Director of ERAIFT, Professor Baudouin Michel, in Lodja-Mukumari /Sankuru Province within the DESIRA-AGRO-FOREST COD20006 project From 01/31/ to 02/06/2023

The Director of ERAIFT, Professor Baudouin Michel, together with Dr. Ludivine Lassois and Barbara Haurez (Uliège), is currently in Lodja (Sankuru province) within the DESIRA-AGRO-FOREST project. 

This 7-day mission is part of the specific cooperation agreement signed between the University of Liège and ENABEL concerning the scientific support of the DESIRA-AGRO-FORÊT project in the agronomic and forestry fields. It aims to analyze the context of the intervention of the above mentioned project in Sankuru and to identify the research-action topics foreseen in the second phase of the above mentioned cooperation agreement.

Specifically, the three international experts will (1) identify existing and future interventions related to the above-mentioned project; (2) assess the potential of the intervention area (territories, actors); (3) meet the team and the main partners related to the management of project activities; (4) identify the capacity reinforcement needs of the teams and partners on the basic principles of carbon-neutral’s development or carbon-positive agro-ecological and agro-forestry models. 

ERAIFT thanks the University of Liege and ENABEL for the cooperation and the renewed confidence

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