A delegation from the United States Forest Service (USFS) visited ERAIFT for a working visit on Thursday, February 8, 2024

ERAIFT, was honored this Thursday, February 08, 2024 by the visit of Dr. René SIWE NGAMABOU and Madame Nelly HOUTSA, all from the United States Forest Service (USFS). This visit is part of the cooperation between the two institutions.

Upon their arrival at ERAIFT, the two guests were welcomed by the Director of ERAIFT, Mr. Baudouin MICHEL, in his office for a debriefing before a tour of the school's various facilities. The Director of ERAIFT explained to the delegation the school's role in training the human capital of African executives, recalling the fruitful cooperation between ERAIFT and USFS in the past. He also discussed ERAIFT's academic governance, the organization of regional degree courses, services to society, research and development activities in the DRC's two biosphere reserves (Luki and Yangambi) and the challenges ahead.

The delegation was delighted with the school’s achievements in the field of rational and sustainable biodiversity management, which is the USFS's top priority in Central Africa.

As a reminder, the US Government Forest Service program in Central Africa collaborates with several institutions on issues of sustainable forest and land management, biodiversity conservation and responses to climate change throughout the Congo Basin.

The event ended with a tour of the site, followed by the symbolic planting of two local tree species as a sign of the fight against climate change. ERAIFT expresses its gratitude to the USFS for its willingness to relaunch this inter-institutional cooperation. We would also like to thank the European Union, the Kingdom of Belgium and AGRINATURA for their generous support.

Ms. Nelly HUBA and Mr. SUIWE each plant their tree on the ERAIFT campus, symbolizing the fight against climate change

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